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of the Five Elements

Creating Energy for Change Using your Body, Breath and Visualization

1/2/3 Feb 2019

“It's not about a better handstand. It's not about yoga anatomy.
It's about how you can make your poses mean something more”

Use the Powers of your Mind and Body, master the Five Elements of Creation and access True Magic. “Magick is the Art and Science of influencing change to happen in your life and these focused, element-themed yoga practices are designed to help you to do exactly that.

The successful practice of magic has two aspects: intention and focus. These Yoga and Breath practices will both challenge your body and help you conduct the energy through your body, your consciousness and into the world. Each of the workshops includes posture, breath practices, mudras, mantras and visualizations. In this series final workshop, you will learn about how to set your intention, practice a five-element sequence and consider how you can apply each element to your outcome. A candle will be supplied, and you will be guided how to use this for candle magic. You'll take this candle and experience home with you, learning how you can live your life more intentionally and experience more of what you want!

"The first stage is when you totally believe in witchcraft. The second is when you realize that it's a complete lot of rubbish. The third is when you realize that it's a complete lot of rubbish; but somehow it seems to work" ~Ronald Hutton


Fri 1 Feb 2019
•  GROUNDING - Earth Element: Grounding energy and standing asanas. 6 - 8 pm

Sat 2 Feb 2019
•  FLUID - Water Element: Working with emotions and hip openers 9 - 11 am
•  WILL - Fire Element: Developing fire, focus and concentration with breath and asana 2 - 4 pm

Sun 3 Feb 2019
•  HEART - Air Element: Love and Backbends 9 - 11am
•  WISDOM - Space Element: Source Energy and Inversions 1- 3 pm
•  MAGIC* - Learn to set powerful intentions, create sigils and then charge them through your body using a Five Elements sequence. 3:30 - 6:30 pm

*Magic class is only available to those who have attended at least 4 of the Elements Workshops

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Adrian Cox
Adrian founded Yoga Elements in 2001 and in that time never really admitted his deep interest in magick and occult despite doing it in a round-about way through his practice and teaching of yoga and meditation. He has waited until now to teach about the yoga and magic of the Five Elements. This new series is a bold synthesis of the body mind and spirit in a way that reflects a new direction for his teachings in 2019 and beyond. If you have yet to meet Adrian, he is a knowledgeable and highly experienced teacher who delivers an engaging, detailed and hypnotic learning experience that can take students beyond what they initially thought possible.

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