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Shifts, Tilt, Rotations & Scoliosis
How to understand & align your strange body!
with Adrian Cox

Sun 21 Jan 2018 / 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

• Ever wondered why one hip is tighter? 
• Why one side of your back always gets sore? 
• What makes your neck and shoulders tighter on one side?

From habits of standing, sitting and even how we developed inside our Mom's womb- we all have little shifts, tilts and rotations which show up as imbalances. If these get worse there are too many negative consequences. Yoga can help, if you know how to work with these imbalances properly. It can be a challenge to see or work with these differences in group classes, leading us to perpetuate our imbalances and not know why.

In this six hour course Adrian Cox will help you explore how to realign your pelvis and spine with gravity, explore the muscular imbalances and tension that arise through imbalances - and how to recognize and address these imbalances in our asana practice.

What you will learn
• Simple guidelines and tests for recognizing patterns in posture and movement

• The key muscle groups involved in pelvic imbalances and how to use yoga asanas to slowly rebalance

• Specifics on how to work on each ‘side’ in yoga poses targeting the asymmetries 

• The key pelvic imbalances, including tilts, rotations and shifts, why they are so important for long-term health, how to observe them in yourself and your students

• How to prevent back pain and other chronic pain issues and improve structural health and balance

• An overview of types of scoliosis, how to treat it and prevent it from getting worse

You will finish the course with new knowledge and confidence in your ability to begin to work with bodies more effectively!

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