YOGA History & Philosophy


Introduction to
YOGA History & Philosophy
with Carlos Pomeda
11, 12 Nov 2017



Carlos Pomeda is known as one of the world’s best teachers of yogic philosophy. He holds two masters degrees, one in Sanskrit and the other in religious studies. Carlos is renowned for the breadth of his knowledge and the clarity with which he conveys it. His great love of the Indian yoga traditions, his insight, his humor and his deep connection with his audiences give him the ability to transmit the deepest scriptural teachings in a way that is clear, meaningful and applicable. People travel across oceans to study with him- don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn and transform your understanding of yoga at the deepest levels!


Sat 11 Nov 2017
History & Evolution of Yoga
9:00 – 11:30 am

Dive into the secret wisdom of the ancient yoga texts. This seminar will lead us through the tantalizing history of yoga, exploring its development and the subtleties we can learn and apply to our practice. Take this opportunity to answer your questions about the origin and development of yoga, its main schools and teachings, its approaches and the way they inform our current practice.

The Yoga Upanisads
11:45 am – 2:15 pm

A fascinating, practical overview of these sources of yoga wisdom, which form a bridge from the practices found in traditional yoga to the revolutionary approaches of Tantra. Come expand your understanding of what is possible and what yoga is all about, directly from some of its most profound sources.

The Bhagavad Gita
3:45 – 6:15 pm

Turning the activities of body, intellect and Heart into spiritual evolution What is the relationship between the emotions and yoga? What is the relationship between yoga and our daily activities? The yoga tradition developed since its beginnings various approaches that are capable of providing meaning, depth and joy not only to our practice, but to the rest of our lives as well. This seminar explores the answers of the yoga tradition since its beginning, through an exploration of the Bhagavad Gita, one of the fundamental scriptures


Sun 12 Nov 2017
The Yoga of Vedanta
9:00 – 11:30 am

Vedanta teaches us to become centered in our core clarity and strength. It is a vitally important yoga philosophy that explores the fundamental questions such as, What is the nature of experience? What is the fabric of reality? How to penetrate the essence of consciousness? How to reach the highest states?

In this seminar we will immerse ourselves in this practical philosophy that emphasizes the highest values in life and provides powerful practices to access the highest experience available to human consciousness. We will uncover, one by one, the layers that hide this fundamental experience, learning in the process how to move bzeyond illusions to the experience of the fundamental oneness of all things. Join us for this timeless, insightful and inspiring seminar.

Hatha Yoga and Related Traditions
11:45 am – 5:15 pm (timing includes lunch break)

What is the origin of Hatha Yoga? What is the mysterious Kundalini? How can I experience it and how can it help my practice? What is unique about the human body? How can yoga help me to understand my body? Above all, how can these teachings help me to deepen my practice? These are some of the questions that we will be exploring. Building up on the knowledge of the Tantric traditions, the paths of kundalini yoga and hatha yoga present a radical approach in which the body is not an obstacle to spiritual life, but rather the very vehicle to enhance our consciousness and develop a sense of connectedness with our world and ourselves, at the deepest possible levels. This seminar will offer a fascinating tour of the hidden “anatomy” charted by the Tantric masters and will also present several powerful exercises to enhance our daily practice.

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